A 2015 study funded by the European Commission found that palm oil and soybean oil had the highest indirect greenhouse gas emissions because of the deforestation and the drainage of peatlands associated with their cultivation. Therefore, the EU currently considers that biofuels from palm oil don’t match the renewable energy policy set in its RED II Directive.
If the draft legislation was approved, the use of palm oil for fuel should disappear in Europe by 2030. Over the years, palm oil has been used increasingly as a feedstock for biofuels because it is cheaper than others vegetable feedstock. According to data from Copenhagen Economics, half of the EU’s 6 billion euros worth of palm oil imports are used for biodiesel, As a consequence, Biodiesel Production from low grade oils & fats is becoming more and more important.
CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY successfully manufactured numerous 2° Generation Biodiesel Production plants all over the world and is now recognized as a leading engineering company in the field. But what are the difficulties to be faced when using waste cooking oil?
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