Every Ton of Fresh Fruit Bunches processed generates between 0.6% and 1.5% of POME oil.

In the past POME Oil – also called Palm Sludge Oil or Palm Acid Oil – has rarely been used as a feedstock due to the high cost of extraction. But in recent years oil corporations have started to look at the oil recovered from POME as an attractive feedstock for Biodiesel and HVO Production, in their attempt to comply with EU regulations on renewable energy sources, and more generally, with UN environmental policies. In fact, Palm Sludge Oil is not only considered an inexpensive low grade oil but has also been listed in EU Directive RED II among the sources accepted for double counting.

CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY developed a special treatment aimed at drastically lower all undesirable content that characterize POME oil and make it a suitable feedstock for Biofuels.

To get the full presentation on contaminant levels that our POME Special Treatment guarantees, please write to andrea.bernardini@technoilogy.it.

More details in our presentation:
POME Treatment for Biofuels 3