CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY and his partner INTERSONIKON developed new mini plants specially designed for R&D purposes and for customers who want to test special products requested by the market.

Following the results of special product trials carried out by Pilot plants, customers can modify or adapt existing plants to new market requests.

The possibility to make trials on Pilot unit allow the Customer to benefit of a “tailor-made” plant compliant with special feedstock characteristics the client wants to process.

With an average capacity going from 30 kg to 1 ton/batch, we can design the following units:

  • Neutralizing
  • Bleaching
  • Deodorizing
  • Catalyst Interesterification
  • Dry Fractionation
  • EIE (Enzymatic interesterification)
  • Solvent Fractionation
mini plants bernardini CMBITALY Technoilogy