Dear Everyone,

First of all, I want to send my best wishes to those who live in countries that are currently struggling with the coronavirus outbreak like Italy has been doing since the beginning of March. As Head of CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY, I know what it means to manage a company in these difficult times.

I also want to communicate to you all that CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY is in good health and at work! Many of you already know that we never stopped working as our sector is among the strategic industries allowed by the Government to carry on their activities during the total lockdown.

The whole commercial and technical team is fully operational and is regularly ensuring its support and assistance on a 24 h basis. Engineering office is continuing his work with the usual commitment and constantly liaise with customers in order to guarantee the correct execution of each project.

The Purchasing Office is monitoring the regular delivery of technical components of machinery in order to avoid or minimize any delay in the manufacturing process.

Our workshop is continuing to build all equipment in order to meet the deadlines of future shipments, with respect to all security regulations imposed by the Government measures.

I personally thank all Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners for their trust and support during this last month.

A special thanks go to clients who continue to approach us with new projects and therefore demonstrate to believe in the strength of CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY despite this world crisis. Hopefully, we will soon close our agreements shaking our hands and not only looking at each other through a screen!

Finally, I want to thank the CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY tireless team, who ensured with courage and flexibility the continuity of our work, who never gave up and who never lost its amazing Italian humor! I am proud to work with such incredible people, with people who, now more than ever, I consider as an extended family.

Today, the good news is that the tough measures taken by our Government are now showing their first positive effects: the epidemic is significantly slowing down and all country’s industrial activities will very likely start over soon. Italy was the second country after China to be seriously hit but hopefully, it will be also the first to recover!

I wish you and you families all the best.. and the best is yet to come!

Mario Bernardini, Chairman CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY