TECHNOILOGY manufactures complete refining lines capable of processing any type of oils and fats.

TECHNOILOGY manufactures complete refining lines capable of processing any type of oils and fats. The various sections composing the plant are designed and manufactured according to the most advanced technology and provide maximum flexibility.

We are taking special care regarding pollution and low energy consumption using the most innovative technologies and components available in the market.


Crude oils are neutralized either by physical or chemical means. In the first case the fatty acids are steam stripped, whereas in the second case they are converted into soap with caustic soda.


Process is fully continuous and automated with all in-line controls and continuous measurement of the oil loss in the soapstock.

The plant is designed for utmost versatility, trouble-free operation and for coping with feedstock from the most different sources and with the widest range of acidity.

The plant is composed of the following main sections:

  • Degumming and Neutralizing
  • Washin
  • Vacuum Drying


This plant has been mostly designed to process sunflower and corn oils. It allows to perform alkali neutralizing and winterizing in a single step only. The process is fully automatic and continuous.

Bleaching and Filtering

The design of TECHNOILOGY continuous bleaching plant is based on most advanced technology in order to reduce to a minimum the requirements of energy and bleaching earths, floor area and labor, as well as to obtain a final color fully meeting the market standards. This is attained thanks to continuous and accurate proportioning of the oil and bleaching earths and a special bleacher design.

Oil / earths mixing can be by live steam to increase performance and consumption reduce of bleaching earth.

Bleacher has special arrangement in order to increase or to decrease the residence time and also reduction of change-over time and contamination.

Bleaching plant can be designed for dry degumming prior to Physical refining.


As an alternative to winterizing combined with neutralizing, TECHNOILOGY has developed a winterizing system that allows to process almost any type of oil according to the most suitable cooling curve and under the most favourable conditions of temperature, time and agitation. The latter factors are of primary importance for the formation and nature of the crystals, filter aid has to be used. Fully automatic horizontal filters are provided for the removal of the solid phase from the crystallized mass.