Oil Seed Extraction


TECHNOILOGY utilize the key equipment of seed preparation from the most qualified European Vendors as:

  • Cleaning
  • Cracking
  • Cooking
  • Dehulling
  • Flaking


In connection with the supply of solvent extraction plants and oil refineries, TECHNOILOGY, when required, supplies pressing plants for pre-pressing or full pressing. Presses are selected from qualified suppliers available on the market in accordance with the raw material and product characteristics.

PRE-PRESSING is especially designed for large capacities. Pre-pressing is used to process seeds having a high oil content, which need to be partially pressed before being deoiled by solvent extraction. This system is complete with a system to filtrate or centrifuge the oil before it is sent to storage.

Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction is mainly applied to the production of vegetable oil and is fed with vegetable seeds flakes or cakes coming from seed preparation. This process includes:

  • Oil Seed Extraction
  • Meal Desolventizing – Toasting – Drying - Cooling
  • Solvent distillation

TECHNOILOGY is in a position to supply two different types of extractors:

  • Revolving Extractor (‘Revoilex’): designed to improve the performance of conventional continuous rotary extractors consisting of multi-cell compartments in a single deck or double decks.
  • Belt Extractor: for all kinds of oilseeds, consisting in a horizontal belt conveyor. Both options are provided with special self-cleaning screen.

Process design principles and advantages:

  • total counter-current flow
  • adequate shallow bed in order to obtain high percolation rate
  • optimized percolation and soaking by maintaining a miscella bath over the product
  • optimized extraction stages, each with several miscella inlets
  • compact design, workshop assembly, easy on-site delivery and erection