Deodorizing Physical Refining

Main Advantages

  • continuous operation and/or quick feedstock changeover with no substantial loss of operating time and with no risk of cross contamination;
  • very efficient mixing with oil and sparging steam thanks to special mammoth pumps;
  • low energy requirement;
  • heat recovery as high as 80% achieved by the use of special heat exchanger;
  • no pollution problem as the condenser water is discharged practically fat-free, thanks to a structured packing vapor scrubber.

The characteristics of certain oils and fats, such as palm, palm kernel and coconuts oils, tallow, etc., make it possible to deacidify and deodorize them in a single step. In some cases, this is possible, after a very efficient degumming, also for sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, corn oils, etc.

This process has the following distinct advantages vs. alkali refining:

  • Combined neutralizing and deodorizing thanks to structured packing section
  • Direct production of distilled fatty acids instead of soapstock;
  • Higher yield as no neutral oil is lost in the soapstock;

Cold Condensing for Vacuum System

For Deodorizing and Physical Refining Unit, TECHNOILOGY has developed a unique system where using surface condenser cooled by cold water, water and steam consumption are dramatically reduced together with the quality and quantity of the discharged water. Process is very simple and doesn’t need the costly system used normally with ammonia direct expansion.